Armenian Genocide 1915 by Kev Orkian

As the remembrance date fast approaches (April 24th) I want to share my thoughts about the 1.5 million Armenians that were massacred by the Turkish Ottoman Government, simply to eliminate an entire nation from existence. Why?

Today their is a little over 10 Million Armenians living around the world and many of them can be found in four predominant  countries. Russia, France, Turkey and USA. Many more live in Europe and the Middle East. Armenians all around the globe are teaming up to support and spread the news of the Armenian Genocide that happened a century ago, to the detriment of the Turkish Government, who still denies the event as a Genocide. What are they afraid of? What will they loose by admitting the truth, what will the Armenians gain from the truth? Why has this taken 100 years? Will Armenians ever get closure?

What I have learned over the past 25 years touring the world and visiting many cities inhabited by Armenians, is the passion for history, tradition and culture, which has been instilled into each and every one I meet. They’re have been times I have broken down in tears unable to contain my emotions, listening to old peoples stories about the Genocide and how it still haunts them today. Just the image of a 98 year old lady holding my hands and crying the words WHY? is enough to bring anyone to tears. I’ve also witnessed complete strangers  inviting me for dinner just because I’m Armenian, or greeting me with such emotion I believed I was related some how, perhaps a distant cousin which most believe I am.

So the inevitable question (Did the Turkish Ottoman Government succeed in their quest to eliminate Armenians?) Simply………No! So if this is recognised as the first Genocide of the 21st Century, by many Governments, countries and by the Vatican for a second time, then why is it so important for Turkey to admit the killings? Many criminals have gone to prison and even been put to death still claiming their innocence, yet overwhelming evidence proves their lying, denying them any chance of freedom. Armenians have more than substantial evidence (1.5 Million) worth to be blunt,  yet Countries like USA, UK Azerbaijan and Turkey all deny the term Genocide. I sometimes wonder what might have been the outcome if Turkey had to admit the Genocide of 1.5 million Americans or British? Would the need for the truth eliminate any political agenda?

The fact is the truth is written. Perhaps the Turks were slightly short sighted when they burned all historical books of the Armenians, not thinking journalists from other countries would be writing about the horrific tragedies that were happening to this small population of Christians. Many scholars, politicians and government bodies wrote to Turkey, pleading with them to stop killing the Armenians. The evidence still exists.

Currently 27 countries recognise the 1915 Genocide, Germany being the most recent. Overwhelming evidence proves the killings as a Genocide. My great grandparents were part of the horrific killings. They were forced from their homes, massacred and paraded around the village for other Turks to see. Why? The question I keep asking myself is, if a higher ranking officer tells you to do something, do you question his reasons? for example, if a higher ranking officer told you to grab a pregnant lady, cut out her unborn child, knife her breasts, pour petrol over her and burn her alive whilst she watches her baby being cut up to pieces. You would ask yourself whether the higher ranking officer was mentally unstable, and why he would ask you to do such barbaric task. This and unbelievably worse inhumane Genocidal acts of violence happened to the Armenian people. It is documented that horse shoes were nailed into many feet of Armenians, before they were marched to their slaughter. Young girls were asked to dance for the Turkish soldiers before they were raped, had their breast cut off and burned alive. Children were crucified because of their religion. The heads of Armenian victims were brutally cut off and used as footballs by the Turkish soldiers. Families were starved to death for no reason. This was simply an act of barbaric violence that led to 1.5 million Armenians being massacred for no reason.

I know many Turkish people, for whom I have a relationships both in business and pleasure. I am constantly left speechless at the amount of Turks who respond to the killings as a Genocide, and who admit to having Armenian grandparents or relatives. My local Turkish Takeaway only admitted recently that they are actually lost Armenians…(A term used by Turks who have Armenian ancestors but no longer speak Armenian) due to their ancestors fleeing the villages and changing their surnames to avoid being massacred. During 1915 our family name was changed to Kapik, an old term used to describe Turkish money. By 1923 it was then extended with the letters YAN, to make Kapikyan. You will gather these three letters YAN or IAN are the identification to most Armenians surnames.

What I now see, is the fact that more and more Turks are coming forward to admit the Killings of the 1915 Genocide. Many of them are going against their Governments denial and coming forth through social media. MPs, Journalists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, scholars and many more, who are fed up of the lies. What does this mean for the Turkish recognition of the 1915 Genocide? It simply means IT HAPPENED. Everyone knows it, and fewer people are now denying it. Will it ever be admitted by the Turkish government? The question we should be asking is will they be able to continue denying the facts, trying to stop everyone who agrees to the Genocide? Will they continue to eliminate those very few who have been brave enough to write about it? Will they stop every human, every story, every text, every letter, every picture, every report, every TV and radio coverage, and the internet that now bombards our world. The truth has become a multiplying virus in the new age of technology for the Turkish Government. The wall of denial is being torn down brick by brick, the truth is no longer standing back.

The world is talking about the Armenian Genocide of 1915. The world is recognising the Armenian Genocide, The world is commemorating the Armenian Genocide. The world knows the TRUTH.

Written by Kev Orkian (Kevork Kapikyan)


Below pictures of the Armenian Genocide that is still being denied by the Turkish Government today.






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