Fiddler On The Roof

My favourite Musical EVER…I grew up watching it every morning before school, and loved the songs and story. The lead actor, Topol’s performance was second to none, and his portrayal of Tevye, was flawless. When my wife told me we were going to see it in Northampton as a birthday treat from my in-laws, you […] → Continue Reading Fiddler On The Roof

Kev Orkian Latest Blog

What a rush these last few weeks have been! I have travelled extensively around the globe and still planning more international tours. I do miss being at home, and miss my family terribly, but this is the life I have chosen. So whats the latest news from Orkian’s World? Those of you following my antics […] → Continue Reading Kev Orkian Latest Blog

Latest Blog!!!

Hi Lovely people…   Well its been a couple of weeks since my last blog, so I thought I would write and give you the heads up on whats going on in Orkian’s World so far. For those of you that follow me on FB (Kev Orkian Official) or Twitter (Thekevorkian) , will see the […] → Continue Reading Latest Blog!!!

Latest Blog…

What a rush, this is proving to be a great start, with National and International tours being booked up, TV projects coming in and New shows being written for this years UK tour. I can’t wait to share it all…Ive just got back from Belfast. What a fantastic city, when its not being bombed!!!. The […] → Continue Reading Latest Blog…

My Uncle Jim Davidson

I have read untold posts and blogs about Jim Davidson, peoples opinions about who he was, what he is , and who he has become…yet the Jim Davidson I know hasn’t changed once, since I’ve known him. So I thought I would write a blog about My Jim Davidson. Without a shadow of a doubt, […] → Continue Reading My Uncle Jim Davidson

Latest News

Its been a couple of weeks since my last Blog, as I’ve been busy taking care of two baby boys with my very exhausted wife Michelle. I decided to take some time off to help look after our babies, but I had no idea how time consuming it would be. I love spending time with […] → Continue Reading Latest News

One Man Comedy Concert Show

WHAT A BUZZ I can’t say enough about the audiences in Milton Keynes. The moment I decided to do my One Man Show in MK, I knew it would be a success. The theatre alone have so much enthusiasm, it makes it hard for you to say no, to anything.       We set […] → Continue Reading One Man Comedy Concert Show

Snow White Blogs

ITS OVER!!!! The Pantomime has finally come to an end. 68 performances at the Milton Keynes Theatre, to full houses every night, and we broke Box Office records. Now thats a Panto successful Panto season. I can’t even start to explain what a magically pantomime this years production of Snow White was. The entire cast […] → Continue Reading Snow White Blogs

Snow White Blogs

Well christmas is over! or is it? NO!!! This years pantomime is bigger and stronger than any year I have ever done…We have not only broken box office records we are 99.6% sold out for the rest of the run!!! WOW! The audiences in Milton Keynes are just amazing…We have had some amazing responses and […] → Continue Reading Snow White Blogs

Snow White Pantomime..

Well this is we have opened the show to an AMAZING Audience and the first night was a stormer…I have missed Milton Keynes BIG TIME!!! The audiences here are just FANTASTIC and so kind. After a grueling 2 week rehearsal of intense script learning, and choreography, we came to MK for our technical rehearsals. This […] → Continue Reading Snow White Pantomime..