Daddy to Twin Boys by Kev Orkian

A Day In The Life Of a Dad with Twins


Any father who is blessed with multiple-birth babies will understand completely what I’m about to say. NO ONE prepares you for the emotional rollercoaster your about to experience or have done already. I’m the proud daddy to Twin boys, and they are gorgeous when they smile at you, but when they cry, I go through emotions I never thought I had…If you can picture the movie “The Exorcist” the moment when she’s possessed, completely uncontrollable and turns into a demon. Times that by two, that’s what I experience when my boys are hungry or tired and start to cry. At 5am I’m up to do the first feed of the day, which actually I enjoy. Solid food, Milk and the same Youtube Clip of Teletubbies, which I know off by heart now and cant get the theme tune out of head, my boys are happy. I run my own Corporate Comedy business from home, so if there’s something my wife needs, I can’t pretend I’m working, or away from my desk, because she’s there! Ever seen a documentary about black widow spiders finishing off their prey? That should give you an idea if you ever decide to say “I’m Busy Luv”, when she asks for your help. It’s amazing how the birth of our babies has suddenly changed my wife’s idea of who wears the trousers in our relationship. I finish my day around 6pm, ready to bath the boys whilst breaking my back over the bath to do so, or getting in with them, trying to dodge the odd kick in the wrong place. Then it’s their bedtime feed, which can be a challenge when you want to watch TV, and your baby doesn’t. Thanks to my boys, we watch walls now till they finish their feed, before swiftly putting them to bed, to catch the last few moments of CSI.

Would I change anything? Yes! I will remember to lock my office door, and pretend not to be in. Shhhhh. Which coincidently is another thing I do a lot of these days…Shhhhhhh…Shhhhhhh Sleep Shhhhhhh

Joke aside, its really hard work, but so rewarding, when I remember how hard we tried to have a family in the first place. I’m so lucky to have been given two beautiful gifts from God, and unlucky that I have to buy two of EVERYTHING NOW!!! Still, we could have had triplets!


Kev Orkian

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