Kev Orkian to Film New Documentary in Armenia

Kev Orkian has teamed up with Australian/Armenian Film Director Andy Simon, to bring a brand new documentary about Armenia. The film which is set to be recorded in August has already picked up momentum on social media. The original promo has surpassed 1.2million views on FB, and other sizzles have picked up over 30k views each. The documentary is set to take the Countries traditions, culture, fashion, celebrity, history, food and wine, and most importantly its people to a global audience. We asked Kev Orkian what his aim was for the film.

Q: Why are you making this documentary?

A: “I love Armenia and the history we have. The Armenian people are some of the most creative people in the world. We don’t have enough information about who we are and what our country has to offer. The reason for the film is to give the world a clear perspective of Armenia and the beauty it holds.

Q: Will you be talking about your history and the Genocide.

A: Of course when you mention Armenia, most people completely relate it to the Genocide of 1915. Armenian myself, that kind of history will always be in our blood, however I’m more about the future and not the past. I want people to visit Armenia for what it is today and not it was. We will touch upon the history of our people, churches, and traditions, but our aim is to give new audiences a chance to see what our country is today and will be in the future.

Q: How did you and Andy Simon meet.

A: On linkedIn. I got a random message from Andy apologising for not knowing me until now, he said he was very keen to talk about an idea he had about a film on Armenia and wanted me to present it. We discussed it over a few Skype calls and it became very apparent that we both had the same thoughts and ideas regarding the film and how we wanted to portray it. After the initial conversations I flew out to Australia and we filmed a number of promos for the documentary. He is an incredible visionary with great ideas, I enjoy working with him and we both understand each other, which is really rare as we only met last year.

Q: What will feature in the documentary.

A: The documentary is fundamentally about the country and its people. Armenia has always been a historical place in the world, from the oldest wineries, churches and roads, to its futuristic eco buildings that work completely from earths resources. Im very keen to tap into the people and the comedy that comes with being an Armenian. The humour, culture and traditions are very unique which completely fascinates me. I want to expose this in our new film. We will be visiting many places, from some of the most luxurious hotels, to dining experiences, and breath taking views.

Q: I believe you are featuring interviews with celebrity Armenian’s?

A: Yes we have already secured a number of interviews including Sebu Simonian, Tamar Kaprelian, Armenchik, and we are hoping to add many others including Kim Kardashian, Charles Aznavour, Atom Eghoyan, Cher, to name a few.

Q: When can we expect to see this film

A: We are hoping for release later in the year.

Q: How can we find out more about whats happening with the documentary.

A: Our social media is very active and you can keep upto date by visiting or visiting our social pages @ArmeniaUnc or FaceBook Armenia Uncovered.

That was Kev Orkian talking about his upcoming documentary Armenia Uncovered coming soon.

Interviewed by George Gabriel

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