Sometimes You Just Don’t Know! (Max Clifford)

I have read articles and watched numerous programmes on Max Clifford and each one of them summarising their own conclusions about who is behind the REAL Man and why this has happened. Some people just want the FAME, for example (Katie Hopkins) knows nothing about nothing and yet she still conquers TV time with her pathetic opinions, others want justice. I have personally met the man on many occasions and spent time with him at charities and Gala Dinners. I’ve also corresponded with him numerous times on email, regarding my career and his input into my future. He has personally booked me and recommended me to other charities and corporate bookers, to which I’ve been very thankful for.

His stature is one of a nightclub bouncer…yet he’s a very charming man, with depth and intelligence. When he asks you to do something, you can’t help yourself but agree to do it. He has a great sense of humour, and on more than one occasion I have seen him fall off his chair laughing.

Momentum really picked up with Max last year, when he booked me for the Mercedes Benz World Gala Dinner. I was to meet the wonderful and very talented Sam Bailey at that event, who was at the time being scouted for X Factor, thanks to her mentor Max. Sam and I shared the stage and I was convinced if she entered X Factor she would win hands down…I was right, and so was the tiny sum of money I earned from betting on her.

In 2013, after a number of performances for Max, he suddenly took a much bigger interest in me. “Who’s your manager”? was his opening statement. “I want to meet him” “We need to talk about your future” were the sentences I was hearing…Now don’t get me wrong, we all need a break in show business and who better than the PR Guru himself. My manager David arranged the meet, and within a few days he was offering me incredible opportunities. From Royal Variety Shows, to International Tours. To quote my manager “I’m simply overwhelmed”. Max has a fantastic way of dangling the carrot, and then striking you with the cost.

After promising me some wonderful opportunities, he quoted us the price for his services…a price I could afford but was reluctant to pay. I have always been a strong believer in talent paying for itself…and I wasn’t about the sell one of my properties to do so. My wife was completely dubious about the whole thing, and could not understand why he had suddenly taken such an interest in me after so many years working for him. My manager and I kindly declined the offer and very shortly after that he was convicted of sexual abuse to teenage girls, and sentenced to 8 years. What I can’t help thinking is what would have happened to me, if I had invested that large sum of money into his company. All assets are frozen, so the chances of getting anything back would be an impossibility…How would I support my family with that money invested in a lost dream…? more importantly, he knew this storm was coming, yet he said nothing. How many dreams have been lost, thanks to his sentence?

I genuinely believe someones looking down on me. I was one of the lucky ones, yet it just goes to show, you think you know someone, but in reality you don’t.

With great relief I write this.


Kev Orkian

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