The Infidel Musical

The INFIDEL is over (for now) and what a journey it has been…Playing the lead in such a brilliant musical has been a life changing experience for me.  A musical written by David Baddiel and music composed by Erran Baron Cohen. For those of you who didn’t get the chance to see it, the show is about a Muslim man “Mahmoud Nasir” who finds out he’s actually jewish, and was adopted by a muslim family at only 2 weeks old, thanks to Mrs Keyes, (Melanie Masson). The story follows his antics, as he learns to be a jew from his new found friend Lenny Goldberg (played by Andrew Paul). His son Rashid (Gary Wood) falls in love with Ji Ji, (Siobhan Philips) who happens to have a Fundementalist step father Arshad Alman Aslam, (Alex Andreou) to the detriment of Mahmouds life.

Mahmouds wife Sammiya, played by (Mina Anwar) thinks he might be having an affair due to his absence,  learning to be a jew, and Muna (Melanie Marshall) Sammiya’s best friend offers advice from a Grazia magazine. The story has so much heart and clever writing, it leaves the audience, on their feet wanting more…

To be part of this Musical was an incredible opportunity and I can only thank David Baddiel for picking me out from a clip he remembered on BGT, 4 years ago. His exact words were “There was something about you pal”! I have to thank my fellow actors for making me look good and pushing my abilities to new heights. Their is however one cast member I have nothing but admiration for and thats Mina Anwar, who was the kindest, most passionate, and uber talented actress I have ever had the pleasure of working opposite…Her technique is incredible, and her discipline should be a book every actor reads…I’m a better actor for mirroring such talent. Included in my admiration is Steve Serlin (Rabbi) and Andrew paul (Lenny) who were brilliant in their roles, and brought much laughter and fun to the project. The new age Goons!

I have to mention Alex Andreou’s role as Arshad the Fundementalist, who I adored working opposite, particularly in the finale. I have never seen an actor go through multiple emotions in one scene and bring the house down with one sentence…Bravo!

The biggest Thank You has to go to the audience who came back again and again. The feedback has been overwhelming, and I thank you all. I implore you to keep the buzz alive and spread the word, so we can bring this wonderful story back in 2015…

For Now, I’ll say F*** Off….I’m only joking….(A line from the show, if you didn’t see it)



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