The Infidel Musical

I can finally announce the good news. I will starring along side the cream of Film, TV and Stage in this years New Hit Musical “The Infidel”. Written by David Baddiel and music by Erran Baron Cohen, the hit comedy film is now a Musical.

The Infidel is an original stage Musical-Comedy that follows in the traditions of such subversive musicals such as “The Book Of Mormon, Avenue Q and Spamalot”. The story tells of a British Muslim man, Mahmoud who discovers that he was adopted but that his real birth parents are Jewish. The resulting Culture and religious chaos leads to an uproarious and insightful comedy of identity, race, prejudice and confusion.

The cast

Kev Orkian – Mahmoud Nassir

Mina Anwar – Saamiyah

Melanie Marshall – Muna

Andrew paul – Lenny

Melanie Masson – Mrs Keyes

Stewart Scudmore – Arshad

Steven Selin – Rabbi

Siobhan Athwal – Ji Ji

Gary Wood – Rashid




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