The World Armenian Entertainment Awards

When your invited to perform at the worlds largest Armenian event…YOU GO! I was honoured to be asked to attend. Sharing the stage with Legends from the Armenian World was so great. 2000 people turned up for the event, which lasted 3 hours, and the atmosphere was electric throughout. I was seventh in line to perform, so I decided to wait backstage till my performance, and then make my way into the audience to watch the rest of the show. A close friend of mine and casting director for Warner Brothers, Ani suggested I sit on the piano and get wheeled on to the stage…so my entrance was exactly that. As I entered the audience were so loud I couldn’t even hear myself think…It was just mind blowing…I was greeted to such a warm reception, I went straight into my act and performed two pieces. The Happy birthday Routine, and Funk Elise…which were both received with great applause. I walked away asking if I had won an award, which left the audience laughing…Nice!!!

Walking down the red carpet can always be a little embarrassing if your on your own, so I was so blessed I was grouped up with Ken Davitian (Borat), Hratch Titizian (Homeland), Maria Cozette (Singer), & My manager David Hill. We were greeted with lots a paparazzi…and interviewed before we went in. Lots of stars from the Armenian Music world were there, and Legends I grew up listening to…It was truly a fantastic event.

When your at events like this, its a great time to network and swap numbers…both David and I spent much time talking and liaising with Producers, and casting directors…lets say we’ve planted the seeds, its now time to watch them grow… The whole experience lasted like a blink, but one I would do over and over again….

WAA 2014WAA2014 IMG_6454

WAA 2014

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